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Secrets of bouncing back after hitting rock bottom

Secrets of bouncing back after hitting rock bottom

Today you are going to learn the secrets of bouncing back after hitting rock bottom. Everyone has those moments — you hit a wall and don’t think you can go any further. You’ve encountered an obstacle that looks and feels like you cannot overcome it, you’ve suffered a defeat and don’t think you can handle another one, or you have too much doubt inside of you where it stops you from moving forward. When you get to a moment like this, you have two choices: Either quit, or keep going. Logically, you might realize that to keep going is almost always the better choice, but in the moment, turning back or doing nothing is far more appealing and far easier to choose. I’ve personally been there and know this feeling well.

When you get to a moment like this, a bit of motivation can be all you need to turn your mentality around. Sometimes all it takes is an self development audio or video to shift your paradigm. Then again, sometimes it is deeper and you need a mentor to help you. My advice is — do whatever it takes to get out from the mindset of thinking you have hit rock bottom.

Remember these motivation secrets as I will go over a few with you.

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1. You really can fake it ‘till you make it.
This is a common saying, which is unfortunately taught to people. The more you fake it ’till you make it, the more you start to become a fake. Surely this is not how you want to lead your life. At least I would hope not. Others can see right through fakeness and it is never a positive force or energy that you want to hang onto or feel. It is always better to just be real with not just other people but be real to yourself. This will create transparency and attract the right kind of people to you.
So, If you feel like you can’t accomplish something, or that you aren’t the right person for the job, try it anyway. There’s a chance you’ll fail (and you’ll get to try again, that’s the beauty of it), but there’s a better chance that you’ll wind up improving yourself along the way. It’s also useful to know that starting something is always the hardest part of the process — once you’re in the zone, you’ll naturally feel more motivated to continue. It’s all about starting and building that initial momentum.

2. Everybody sucks at first.
The language I use here is blunt, but it’s true, and it’s an important point to hammer into your own mind. Nobody is good at anything when they first start, and most of us still make regular mistakes even after years of practice and experience. There are two key situations in which to remember: when you feel defeated, and when you feel intimidated. If you accept that feeling, mentally and emotionally you start to feel like this is rock bottom for you when in reality — it’s not.

If you’ve made a mistake or failed at something, this secret should inspire you to keep trying to succeed. Just to take it back in time, Thomas Edison had hundreds of failed or unimportant patents before landing on the light bulb, and almost every major tech company in the country was founded by someone who failed or lost businesses previously. If you feel like something’s too challenging for you, move forward anyway knowing that you probably will suck at it — but that’s perfectly okay. You’ll get better as you keep trying.

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3. Everything can be managed into steps.
No matter how big, complicated or scary a something seems — whether that’s quitting your job to become an entrepreneur or launching a new product — everything can be managed into smaller steps once you break it down. Do this whenever you are facing something intimidating or scary. Break the process down into a few main sections, then break each of those sections down to as many small steps as you can. If done correctly, no single small step in that process should seem too intimidating to approach. After that, your only job is to systematically accomplish those steps. When you do, your confidence becomes greater and YOU become greater!

4. Motivation is about desire. But desire doesn’t bring success. Let me explain.
Don’t make the common mistake of associating motivation with discipline. Motivation should not be about forcing yourself to do something you hate to do. It should be about the strength of your desire overcoming any of the obstacles that would otherwise hold you back from getting what you want. Marathon runners push themselves through the grueling – overwhelming final mile because they want the feeling of victory when they cross the finish line, and they remind themselves of that goal and those feelings as they run. Similarly, you should periodically remind yourself of your own desires and your own goals. How badly do you want them? Therefore, desire alone will not bring you success or victory — pushing yourself to do it entirely will.

5. You have a ton of support, more than you think.
This is universally true. You always have more support than you think you do. If you feel challenged or feel like giving up, talk to your friends, business partners, or mentor. Talk to your coworkers and colleagues. If you can’t find support there, attend a networking event, support group or community function — if you look, you’ll always find someone (even a perfect stranger) who’s willing to lend you a helping hand, give you a bit of advice or just encourage you to keep going. Don’t be afraid to ask for support — it can make all the difference.

The next time you feel challenged, defeated or flat-out exhausted, remember these well-kept secrets of bouncing back after hitting rock bottom. The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is your own negative thoughts and irrational fears. You’ll always face challenges, and those negative thoughts might always creep up, but you can always fight back and keep going. You’ll be glad you did and at least by not quitting, you won’t have to live with regret — instead you will lead your life with your head held high and hopefully, encourage someone else from not giving up. Now you know the secrets of bouncing back after hitting rock bottom. Now use it, then teach it. Save someone’s life today!

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Need a little motivation boost? Watch This Video Below:


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bouncing back after hitting rock bottom

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reverse marketing

















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The New Psycho-Cybernetics

The New Psycho-Cybernetics Book is yours for FREE! 

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The key to this is learning to identify the negative self perceptions that hold you back. When you are able to do this you can start to re-frame those negative perceptions in a positive to release your greater potential.

I will give you an example.  Read the Rest…

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However, I will be clear on what I’m about to show you. What I do is NOT for everyone. If you are skeptical on whether or not Internet Marketing works or actually makes money Online then DO NOT watch this video. Just click the X button and continue with your day. No harm, No foul.

Those that DO have an open-mind, understand the concept, know people that generates cash online and truly want to build your own freedom (cash) using the Internet or your smart phone then this video IS for you.

Watch this video all the way through.  Read the Rest…

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Tear It Up Tuesday Video

HEY! What time is it? It’s Tear It Up Tuesday… 

Listen, while you’re here, I want to put you in a good mood so that you can get out of that funk — IF you’re in one. And if you aren’t, hey I’m glad to hear it — I still got an infectious message for you too.

My business partner and great friend posted a video on his Facebook today…
and after watching it… I KNEW that I had to share it because I KNOW it will help someone.

Ed & I have been working together for years and I’m not afraid one bit to share something from someone else if I truly feel that it will truly help someone in some shape or form.

Several so-called “leaders” in the Internet Marketing industry are scared to death to share content from others. Not I, because I know, Ed knows, that OUR market loves us because we take the time to BUILD the relationship and passionately help them.

That my friend is what separates us from these “Goo-Roo’s” and creates success in our lives.

So without further due, I want you to take just 2 minutes and some change and..

WATCH THIS VIDEO by my brother from another mother.. Mr.. Motivator — Ed Mayer. 

Read the Rest…

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