Feb 16

Marketing School

marketing school

A Marketing School is usually what candidates that desire to work from home enroll in. Sure, anyone can post on social media and across the internet, but learning simple strategies that can make your efforts more effective and less time consuming. Each training module is broken down into organized categories, giving you the latest strategies so that you can maximize your time and efforts.

The key to our marketing school is to keep things simple and fun. We do this so that the average Joe so to speak, can truly learn how to make money using the Internet. We consider the internet a personal playground and inside the walls of our academy is people like you and I having fun and making money simply because we know how to follow instructions each training module gives us. Can you follow instructions well?

Let me show you what’s inside our Marketing School

marketing school

A Marketing School That Pays… Literally! 


Does any of these social networks look familiar? What if you knew how to use the social networks that you’re probably on every day effectively and it started making YOU income over and over?

Things like, Facebook, Fan Pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, even learning how to properly send out emails that convert into money, list building and so much more? What if you could learn the art of people flocking to you on social media turning your post into sales?

What if you could start earning money by just giving stuff away to people?

What if you learned how to turn text messages into sale transactions?

Would any of this training from our marketing school help you pay off some bills, or help you re-invest in a business that you already have, or maybe you just need extra play money. Whatever your reason is, making money from home is essential in today’s day and age. If you are not making money in your sleep, you will be working for the rest of your life. Another fact is, the more you LEARN, the more you will EARN. Learn more about our Marketing School here. Or just simply click the image below.


Only Click Below if you want $100 over and over!!! 

marketing school


Go hard or go homeless!


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Sep 29

How To Identify Zombies Ha Ha!

Zombies.. They’re everywhere if you look closely!


Zombies are one of the most important subjects to be aware of.

Unfortunately, they are everywhere.
Zombies are simply disengaged people who are going through the motions.

According to Gallup, somewhere around 70% of the workforce is disengaged – in my terms, they are a Zombie.

How to identify Zombies: (Video Below)

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Sep 27

Real Keys to Growing Your Network Marketing Team

growing your network marketing team


Growing your Network Marketing team is how we grow as people. There will be times, if not already, you will start to feel frustrated with the growth of your Network Marketing team. Instead of feeling frustrated, let’s go over a few keys and strategies to help you have massive growth of your team.

This article will share some real keys to growing your team so feel free to share.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Sep 26

The best way to remove chlorine from tap water

Looking for the best way to remove chlorine from tap water?


Demonstration video by: Jeremy Hawkins

The best way to remove chlorine from tap water is using a affordable product called AquaLyte. We want to remove chlorine from tap water, not drink it. People have harnessed chlorine and use it for disinfecting purposes like swimming pools for instance. Unfortunately, chlorine’s potential toxicity is not limited to mold and fungus and has actually been linked to serious health dangers for humans — especially cancer.

I was born in the 70’s and back then we didn’t have as much harmful elements in our drinking water; not saying that there wasn’t any. As a child, I remember witnessing my grandmother boiling water using three different pots to transfer one pot of water to another — creating a filter process. We were allowed to wash our clothes and hands, but we were not allowed to drink it. We as kids did not think like adults as we were playing outside and sneaking off to drink out of our neighbors water hose. Do you remember doing that too?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Sep 23

AquaLyte VS Ionizers

aqualyte vs ionizers

AquaLyte VS Ionizers – Which is best in your opinion and why?

Aqualyte VS Ionizers breif summary: Water Ionizers charges the water and AquaLyte is all natural. I am often asked the question: How does AquaLyte compare to water ionizers. Here is a brief comparison of AquaLyte and water ionizers. There are significant differences between water ionizers and AquaLyte that should be considered in order to make a wise choice.  The AquaLyte will still work in ionized water, although it is best to set the pH to 7.0, or neutral.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Jul 08

Racism Is Over (IF we want it to be)

Racism is over if we really want it to be. Instead of giving you a article to read through,
I feel that what needs to be said and addressed should be heard not read.

So watch my video on how we can end racism in America.

Watch & Listen to how Andrew Green handled the situation when he caught his white daughter playing with a black child.

My wife and I usually don’t involve ourselves in the feeding of racism but this is what she wrote:

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May 31

Toxic Relationships

toxic relationships

Toxic Relationships does not always announce itself at first. At times you are unaware as you feel yourself fall into a vicious cycle. It is a very difficult thing to re-evaluate our relationships and let toxic people go from our lives. It is often helpful to focus on the healthy relationship we want to have or feel that we deserve and the ones that help us grow as a better person. So many of us walk around hoping for that apology that we never get, the apology they think will finally give them closure they are looking for. Toxic people looks for that other person to admit fault and justify the way they treat others.

In reality, that apology almost never comes, and we end up feeling worse about things than we did when the dispute started. We cannot control anyone but ourselves, and we can only control our own desire for growth and change. No matter how much we want someone to change or adjust their behavior, they are the only ones who can alter their lives.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 06

Benefits of Structured Water and Alkaline Water

benefits of structured water and alkaline waterKnowing the benefits of structured water and alkaline water can be the difference of many things regarding your health. For instance, did you know by simply drinking water with Aqualyte and/or Ionyte mixed and stirred can produce not just proper PH balance for your blood cells but also it produces powerful alkalinity along with several other health benefits. If you are wanting to learn more about how Aqualyte can help you, click here.



benefits of structured water and alkaline waterAqualyte and Ionyte doesn’t just produce structured water, it creates healing water. With its powerful electrolytes and coral minerals combined with organic plant complexes. It is treated with a proprietary “energizing” process to further enhance its benefits. Some have referred to it as “liquid acupuncture”.
If you are wanting to learn more about how Ionyte can help you, click here.


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Apr 04

Get Rid Of Lighter Fluid Smell and Taste

Curious how to get rid of lighter fluid smell and taste?

Now that it’s spring, most people have BBQ on the mind. You can bet your bottom dollar that I do! 🙂
But there is on thing — a lot of people cannot stand the smell or taste of lighter fluid; especially the flavor it adds to the meats when grilling.

So I have a solution for you that is not only genius but you probably already have them in your kitchen cupboard. It is a simple solution for those that want to get rid of that lighter fluid smell and taste while they are BBQ’ing. Are you ready for your new charcoal igniter? — Potato Chips!!!

Get Rid Of Lighter Fluid Smell

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Apr 01

Hillary Clinton Arrested VS Your Freedom

hillary clinton arrestedWith Hillary Clinton arrested now, it seems that your freedom is at stake. Not that I am a fan of Hillary Clinton, or any of the presidential candidates for the matter; but this will make a huge impact for your life and for your family. Apparently it took 147 FBI agents to work on the case and as a result, Hillary Clinton was arrested and charged for multiple accounts.




What is Hillary Clinton arrested for?

hillary clinton arrested

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